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Our work impacts consumers and employees nationwide and is regularly featured in local and national news media; coverage frequently includes television feature reports, website articles, and radio station interviews.

News articles, interviews, and media publications are listed below by date, most recent first.

December 21, 2023: Plaintiffs win race discrimination case against UWPD

TMLG Press Release

December 21, 2023: UW hit with $16M Verdict over racism, discrimination within police force

The Seattle Times

December 20, 2023: Amazon is Trying to Stop a Lawsuit from Drivers Who Peed in Bottles from Going to Court 


June 5, 2023: Legal analyst discusses lawsuit against Amazon that claims workers were [not] allowed bathroom breaks

NBC 9 News Denver

May 26th, 2023: Lawsuit: Colorado Amazon drivers allege peeing in bottles, defecating in bags to meet delivery goals

The Denver Post

May 24th, 2023: Drivers Sue Amazon Over ‘Inhumane’ Conditions, Having to Pee in Bottles


May 24th, 2023: Delivery Drivers Sue Amazon for Being Forced to Pee In Bottles


May 23rd, 2023: Cross, et al. v. Inc., et al. Press Release

Towards Justice, Public Justice and TMLG Press Release

May 23rd, 2023: Amazon delivery drivers in Colorado peed in bottles, pooped in bags to keep jobs, lawsuit says

Colorado Public Radio

May 23rd, 2023: Colorado Amazon drivers claim ‘dehumanizing and unlawful’ labor violations

Fox 31 Denver

May 23rd, 2023: ‘It’s dehumanizing’ | Amazon delivery drivers’ lawsuit claims they aren’t allowed bathroom breaks

NBC 9 News Denver

May 23rd, 2023: Amazon delivery drivers in Colorado file class action lawsuit against the company following allegations of violated labor laws

KRDO Colorado Springs

May 23rd, 2023: Amazon Drivers File Class Action for Colorado Labor Law Violations

Law Week Colorado

April 17th, 2023: Lawsuit: Pastor Judah Smith Expects Staff to Leave a ‘Money Trail’

Christianity Today

March 30, 2023: Celebrity-friendly megachurch Churchome accused of forcing employees to give 10% of pay in tithe

ABC 7 Eyewitness News Los Angeles

March 30, 2023: Lawsuit: Celebrity-friendly church required workers to tithe

AP News

March 30, 2023: Kirkland church forcing employees to tithe 10% of salary, lawsuit underway


March 29, 2023: Churchome accused of forcing employees to give 10% of wages

The Seattle Times

March 29, 2023: High-profile Kirkland megachurch leaders accused of forcing staff to donate

KING 5 News

March 29, 2023: Lawsuit filed against megachurch and church leaders in Washington

FOX 13 Seattle

March 28, 2023: Seattle-area megachurch and pastor Judah Smith sued for allegedly forcing staff to donate

KNKX Public Radio

March 25, 2023: Judah Smith Megachurch Faces Lawsuit for Forcing Staff to Tithe 10% of Wages

The Roys Report

December 16, 2022: Brown v. Lexington County Press Release

ACLU Press Release

December 2, 2022: “Poaching a Nanny from this Child Care Provider Comes with a $5,000 Price Tag”


June 22, 2022: Jury Awards$595,000 to Lummi Tribe for Salmon Pen Collapse

AP News

August 30, 2021: UWPD Complaint, Jury Trial Demanded

TMLG Complaint

June 22, 2021: UWPD Press Release

TMLG Press Release

June 22, 2021: Black Campus Police Officers Say They Suffered ‘Unbearable’ Racism

New York Times

May 25, 2021: Zeek’s Pizza Chain Underpaid Delivery Drivers, Lawsuit Says

Seattle Times

April 27, 2021: ‘Perpetual Debt.’ WA Lawsuit Targets Court Practice of Sending Unpaid Fees to Collections

Tri-City Herald

April 27, 2021: ACLU Files Class-Action Lawsuit Against Pierce County Over Court Fees


April 24, 2021: Pagliacci Pizza to Pay 3.75 Million to Settle Delivery Drivers’ Class Action Lawsuit

Seattle Times

April 21, 2021: Pagliacci Pizza to Pay Out Nearly $4 Million to Former and Current Delivery Drivers in Class Action Lawsuit


April 21, 2021: After Long Court Battle Over $3 Fee, Pagliacci Settles $3.75M Wage Theft Lawsuit with Drivers

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog

October 14, 2020: Rights Groups Demand Lawmakers Stop Amazon’s Workplace Surveillance


October 14, 2020: Amazon Workers Say Prime Day Rush Breaks Virus Safety Vows


September 16, 2020: Lawsuit: Iowa court debt collected illegally, with millions routed to private firm

Iowa Capital Dispatch

August 03, 2018: Best Buy stores enrolled customers in AppleCare plans for phones without consent, woman alleges

Legal NewsLine

June 18, 2018: Poverty’s not a crime. Don’t throw debtors in jail.

USA Today

March 26, 2018: Anthem Inks $1.6M Deal in Autism Treatment Class Action


January 11, 2018: Health Insurer Centene Is Sued Over Lack of Medical Coverage

The New York Times

December 20, 2017: Amazon delivery contractors sue for missed breaks, wages; say retailer should be considered employer

The Seattle Times

November 9, 2017: South Carolina to Stop Jailing Poor People for Unpaid Traffic Tickets

New York Magazine

November 7, 2017: Ranch groups say USDA allows meatpackers to pass off imported meat as domestic

The Fence Post

November 2, 2017: Payment Processing Co. Inks $9M Deal To End TCPA Suit

Law 360

April 14, 2017: Shoddy police investigation leading to wrongful convictions will cost the state more than $750,000


December 21, 2016: American Eagle To Pay $14.5M To End Spam Text Dispute

Law 360

December 20, 2016: Lawsuit seeks to extend overtime pay for farm workers in Washington

The Lewiston Tribune

December 9, 2016: Lawsuit against Outlook dairy seeks to extend overtime pay for Washington farmworkers

Yakima Herald

December 9, 2016: 2 employees file lawsuit against Yakima Valley dairy

The Bellingham Herald

December 9, 2016: Washington State Dairy Workers Challenge Their Exemption From Overtime Pay

National Public Radio

November 22, 2016: TrueBlue To Pay $5M To Settle TCPA Texting Suit


November 3, 2016: Hanford: Court rejects feds’ motion to dismiss AG lawsuit over worker safety

Washington State Office of the Attorney General

October 7, 2016: Alameda County business accuses Pivotal Payments of unsolicited telemarketing

Northern California Record

September 29, 2016: Moral obligation to not create debtors’ traps for poor defendants

The Seattle Times

September 22, 2016: State Supreme Court rejects Benton County’s collection of court fees from woman’s disability payments

Tri-City Herald

September 5, 2016: Consumer alleges Nature Valley products are falsely advertised

Northern California Record

August 26, 2016: Lawsuit says Nature Valley granola bars labeled as “natural” actually contain a pesticide


August 25, 2016: Is a Granola Bar “Natural” If There’s a Pesticide in It?


August 17, 2016: Low Jury Pay Excludes Minorities & Poor, Class Says in Washington

Courthouse News Service

August 11, 2016: Lawsuit: Low juror pay means more white, upper-income juries in King County

Seattle P-I

August 9, 2016: Suit seeks higher pay for King County jurors

The Olympian

August 8, 2016: Suit seeks higher pay for King County jurors to boost poor, minority participants

The Seattle Times

August 5, 2016: Hanford worker: Getting sick on the job caused ‘financial ruin’

King 5 News

July 29, 2016: Debt collector loses round in legal battle with check bouncers

The San Francisco Chronicle

July 17, 2016: Ruling: Lender cannot suddenly change your locks if you miss mortgage payments

The Seattle Times

July 17, 2016: Washington state invalidates common mortgage provision


June 30, 2016: Settlement ends debtors’ prison in Washington county

The Huffington Post

June 24, 2016: Shredded Wheat Not ‘All Natural,’ Class Claims

Courthouse News Service

June 8, 2016: Debtors prison a thing of the past? Some places in America still lock up the poor

Los Angeles Times

June 1, 2016: ACLU “debtors’ prison” lawsuit against Benton County settles

Tri-City Herald

June 1, 2016: County settles over jailing people who can’t pay court fines

The Washington Times

May 9, 2016: Consumer alleges Quaker Oats misrepresents oatmeal items

Cook County Record

May 2, 2016: Quaker Oats Faces Lawsuit Over 100% Natural Claims


May 1, 2016: Quaker Oats’ 100% Natural Claim Questioned in Lawsuit

The New York Times

February 23, 2016: Two customers allege Honest Company falsely labels products

Legal Newsline

February 17, 2016: Jessica Alba’s Honest Co. Accused of ‘Deceptive’ Labeling


February 16, 2016 : Lawsuit accuses actress Jessica Alba’s website fraudulent labeling


February 16, 2016: Jessica Alba’s Honest Co. Accused Of Dishonest Labeling

Law 360

January 11, 2016: Class Action Accuses Judiciary of Overbilling for PACER Records Access

The National Law Journal

January 8, 2016: US Courts Administrative Office Sued Because PACER’s Bad Math Is Overcharging Users

Tech Dirt

December 31, 2015: Class Claims PACER Overcharges for Records

Courthouse News Service

December 2, 2015: Benton County may shut doors on ‘debtors prison’

Tri-City Herald

November 19, 2015: The Return of Debtors’ Prisons


November 18, 2015: Locked out by the bank? Jesse explains the law you need to know

KIRO 7 News

November 18, 2015: Do You Know Where Your Tip Goes?

The Stranger

November 10, 2015: Poor Criminal Defendants Face ‘Too Many Barriers’ To Get Lawyers, Says DOJ

National Public Radio

November 4, 2015: ACLU sues Benton County for piling fees and fines on low-income people at sentencing

Real Change

October 23, 2015: Court by Court, Lawyers Fight Policies That Fall Heavily on the Poor

The New York Times

October 12, 2015: Criminal justice not served by punishing the poor

The Seattle Times

October 8, 2015: ‘Debtors’ Prison’ Challenged in Washington

Courthouse News Service

October 8, 2015: Dollars and Cents

The Pacific Northwest Inlander

October 7, 2015: ACLU Sues Benton County, Wash., For Operating ‘Modern-Day Debtors Prison’

National Public Radio

October 7, 2015: ACLU lawsuit says county is jailing people who can’t afford to pay fines

ABA Journal

October 6, 2015: ACLU suing Benton County; says court fees collection system “unconstitutional”


October 6, 2015: Plaintiff Speaks Out on Benton County Lawsuit


October 6, 2015: ACLU sues Benton County over jail sentences for unpaid court fees

Tri-City Herald

October 6, 2015: Funding the Criminal Justice System on the Backs of the Poor: ACLU Sues Benton County for Operating Debtors’ Prison


October 6, 2015: Lawsuit Filed Over What ACLU Calls ‘Modern Day Debtors’ Prison’


October 6, 2015: ACLU Lawsuit: County Jails People Who Can’t Pay Court Fines

ABC News

October 6, 2015: Debtors prisons: How counties use poor people to fund criminal justice

The Huffington Post

October 6, 2015: ACLU sues Benton County over jail sentences for unpaid court fees

The Yakima Herald

September 28, 2015: OHSU billed uninsured ER patient ‘unconscionable’ $31,000, says $7 million class-action lawsuit

The Oregonian

August 19, 2015: Justice Dept. Presses Civil Rights Agenda in Local Courts

The New York Times

June 20, 2015: Dairy farmers must supply neighbors clean water

King 5 News

May 21, 2015: Yakima Valley Dairies Sign Order With Environmental Groups


May 20, 2015: Service Charge for What?

The Stranger

March 27, 2015: Premera Blue Cross facing five lawsuits over data breach

Business Insurance

January 16, 2015: Class action filed against Wells Fargo over foreclosure

The Washington Examiner

January 16, 2015: WA Dairies in Violation of Environmental Protection Laws, Court Rules

Food Safety News

November 4, 2014: More than 400 farmworkers file for back pay from Sakuma

Capital Press

August 8, 2014: Capital One, collection agencies agree to $75.5M settlement of TCPA claims

The Washington Examiner

July 31, 2014: Local prosecutor contracts with high-pressure debt collector, possibly skirting state law

Q13 Fox

June 12, 2014: Sakuma Brothers berry growers to pay $850,000 settlement

The Seattle Times

June 11, 2014: Farmworkers Reach $850k Settlement with Sakuma Brothers Farms Over Unpaid Wages and Breaks

The Stranger

June 4, 2014: Central Whidbey jet noise class action suit takes aim at brokerages

The Whidbey News-Times

April 8, 2014: Honda agrees to settle class action, denies engine misfiring allegations

Legal Newsline

March 14, 2014: Attorney General Eric Holder Delivers Remarks at the National Association of Women Judges Midyear Meeting and Leadership Conference

United States Department of Justice

January 4, 2014: Need Blind Justice

The New York Times

December 23, 2013: Target Slapped With Suits After Security Breach

ABC News

December 9, 2013: The Right to an Attorney Who Actually Does His Job

The New York Times

December 5, 2013: Wash. Judge Rules Towns Failed Poor Defendants

National Public Radio

December 4, 2013: Judge: Skagit County towns shortchange poor defendants

The Seattle Times

December 4, 2013: Federal judge finds 2 cities’ public defender programs deficient; will he OK a federal monitor?

ABA Journal

October 29, 2013: Farmworkers sue Skagit County farmer over breaks, pay

Everett Herald

August 16, 2013: USDOJ calls for binding workload controls as part of resolution to federal suit against two Washington cities

Sixth Amendment Center

April 4, 2013: ACLU files suit on behalf of woman denied rental over 1995 drug conviction

The Seattle Times

April 4, 2013: ACLU suit: Tenant screening company illegally flagged woman