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Pacific Cargo Services Class Action

About the Case

Two former employees sued defendants Pacific Cargo Services, LLC, Pacific Courier Services, LLC and related defendants (collectively, the “PCS Entities”) and their owner James Holman for violating Washington and Oregon law by failing to pay overtime compensation. Plaintiffs were employed as drivers and couriers.

Case Status

The lawsuit against the PCS Entities was filed as a class action. In January 2013 the lawsuit settled. As part of that settlement the PCS Entities and Mr. Holman agreed to assign the malpractice claims they had against their former attorneys to the class.

Plaintiffs pursued the malpractice claims. Ultimately, the parties reached a settlement of those claims for $475,000 in 2017. All eligible claimants have now been paid.

Class Counsel

Toby J. Marshall

Amanda M. Steiner