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Maggiano’s Class Action

About this Case

TMLG filed this class action lawsuit on behalf of restaurant workers against Maggiano’s Little Italy for alleged failure to provide rest breaks and alleged withholding of automatic service charges intended for service workers. The parties reached a class action settlement in 2014, which required Maggiano’s to pay $900,000. Judge Catherine Shaffer of King County Superior Court approved the settlement in March 2015. In April 2015, payments were sent to qualified claimants who submitted timely claim forms.

In the lawsuit, Plaintiffs Johannes Romatka, Zachariah Shugart, and Thomas Busch alleged the following:

  • Maggiano’s failed to provide service employees required rest breaks. By Washington law, employers must provide most employees ten minute rest breaks for every four hours of work, and employers must not require employees to work more than three consecutive hours without a rest break.
  • Maggiano’s failed to pay banquet employees, delivery employees, and catering employees automatic service charges paid by customers for recognition of service employees’ work.
  • Maggiano’s failed to disclose to customers that it retained the automatic service charges.
  • Maggiano’s failed to compensate kitchen staff employees for required meeting time

More information about this case can be found here.

Case Status

The Honorable Catherine Shaffer approved the class action settlement on March 6, 2015. Settlement checks for qualified claimants who submitted timely claims were mailed in April 2015.

Case Contact Information

Phone: 206.518.6228


Class Counsel

  • Terrell Marshall Law Group PLLC

    Toby Marshall