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UWPD Accused of Racial and Sexual Discrimination

October 12, 2021

errell Marshall Law Group, PLLC recently filed suit against the University of Washington Police Department (UWPD) on behalf of five Black UWPD officers who experienced years of racial and sexual discrimination, harassment, stereotyping, slurs, and physical intimidation while employed at the University of Washington Police Department .

The five officers included in this case come with multiple years–sometimes decades–of experience outside of UWPD, and have worked in police departments across the country. None of them have experienced the level of discrimination and racism that they have experienced at UWPD.

The officers each report having heard their White supervisors refer to them and their Black coworkers using racial slurs and stereotypes, including the n-word. White supervisors and coworkers made inappropriate comments about the genitalia and physical features of Black officers, and White officers were given preferential treatment. Additionally, the officers have reported being blamed for actions on account of their race, being disproportionately punished for actions in situations where their White coworkers were not, and being dissuaded from applying for promotions which they were qualified for. In most of these situations, a supervisor was notified or was immediately present, but failed to correct the issue.

Terrell Marshall Law Group regularly represent people who have had their basic civil and human rights violated by an employer. If you believe that you may also be a victim of a Civil Rights violation, do not hesitate to contact us.