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New Case Against Hospital and Debt Collector Alleges Failure to Screen Patients for Financial Assistance Eligibility

March 15, 2024

Terrell Marshall Law Group, alongside co-counsel Sugerman Dahab, recently filed a class action on behalf of patients of St. Charles Health System in Oregon. The suit alleges that St. Charles routinely sent the late bills of low income patients to debt collectors rather than providing those patients with the financial assistance that they are legally entitled to.

A 2019 Oregon state law requires hospitals to provide financial assistance to patients unable to pay for their medical care and requires hospitals to screen patients to determine who could qualify for financial assistance before sending them to debt collectors.

The complaint, filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon alleges that defendant St. Charles failed to screen patients for financial assistance eligibility before sending them to collections. It also alleges that defendant Ray Klein, a debt collection agency, filed lawsuits against patients on behalf of St. Charles even when the patient was eligible for financial assistance.

Terrell Marshall Law Group attorneys Beth Terrell, Blythe Chandler and Jasmin Rezaie are proud to have filed the suit with David Sugerman and Nadia Dahab of Sugerman Dahab, located in Portland, Oregon.