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Final Approval Granted in Pyramid Alehouse Wage Theft Class Action Law Suit

July 31, 2019

On Tuesday July 30, 2019, a judge with the King County Superior Court approved a $450,000 settlement in the class action lawsuit brought against Independent Brewers United, LLC, the ownership group of Pyramid Alehouse. More than 300 restaurant workers will be paid the back wages they are owed, with the average award being more than $1,000 and the highest award exceeding $9,800.

The lawsuit covered a range of allegations, including: failure to provide meal and rest breaks, failure to record and pay for all work hours, manipulation of time sheets to delete hours worked, failure to pay overtime, and failure to pay employees all service charges paid by customers.

Terrell Marshall Law Group and Fair Work Center represented the workers in this case, which was filed in April 2018. You can find the original complaint here.You can find the order granting final approval of the settlement here.